02-01-07 - 2

PokerAceHUD is this crappy/trivial little product that takes your PokerTracker stats and overlays them on your poker client window. The interesting thing to me is that it's very popular and there's basically no competition, so the guy is making decent money for a really miniscule amount of work. The key to the success of PAHUD was getting into a niche market and providing a valuable feature very early on, so people adopt your product and then you get momentum and it's hard for competitors to come in. Another key thing about the PAHUD market that I've learned is that there's a whole different cost consciousness when you're selling productivity/money-making enhancers. When someone is buying a software tool to help them make more money, they are willing to spend a lot for very little enhancement, whereas if they're just buying something for their own leisure time they are much more cost aware.

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