02-01-07 - 1

It's always interesting to read the reviews of a place which you know really well, because it shows you just how uneducated and superficial most newspaper articles & reviews are. The NYT reviewed "Tartine" in my hood, a very great local bakery, but the review is constantly touting the deft touch of owner/baker Elizabeth Pruitt. I don't think Elizabeth has been anywhere near the shop since it opened and she certainly isn't baking. Their contention that scone recipes and preparations are standard is totally wrong both in theory and practice, though it is correct that Tartine has very good scones. There's so much good information and knowledge out there, and yet we still have these "journalist" figures writing about things they know little about, and the people with real knowledge of things are not tapped. This is probably most obvious to you all when you read science or technology articles in the mainstream press which are just woefully foolish. Now think about all the political articles that you read - you're not an expert in that subject so you simply can't see how equally foolish those writers are.

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