01-24-07 - 1

A microwave is a fantastic tool for gourmet cooking. Say you do something like sear a piece of tuna. You properly sear super hot so only just the outside is cooked. Well, that's okay, you can serve it just like that if you want, but it actually eats better if you cook the inside just a tiny bit. If you put it in an oven or a cooler pan, it's still going to be cooking in from the outside, which will make the outside be way overcooked by the time the middle cooks at all. Your only choices are to either cook it for a long time at very low heat (which is a nice option), or just microwave on low power for half a minute. The microwave gets right to the middle of things. I use it all the time to warm things in the middle that I don't want to cook the outside any more. It's crucial to always use it on low power for this, otherwise you can get the "cooked by a microwave" taste which I'm not sure why it happens but it does.

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