01-21-07 - 1

Before I hurt my shoulder I was looking around for some group sport to join. The only thing I'm any good at right now is rugby, so I tried to find a local team. Now, you need to know that in the US there is no professional rugby league, but there are pretty strong college teams, and a decent olympic/national squad. All those top-tier players are just on amateur squads in different places. Well, it turns out San Francisco is one of the hot beds of US rugby talent, and two of the local squads (Golden Gate and Olympic) are two of the top squads in the country. Partly this is due to the Olympic Club which made rugby a prominent local sport here. Anyway, the conclusion is that I can't play for those squads.

On the other hand, there is another local squad right near me that's about my level (in fact I'd be a star, I think). The Fog , the gay rugby team. It would be like "Tootsie" - I spend an hour before each practice trying to look gay (gel in my hair, wax my anus, etc) so I can get on the team.

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