01-19-07 - 2

Arg. Danielle's away on a business trip, and I was going to use this time to really get back into the poker game, since I can focus when I'm alone. Just as I'm about to do it, Neteller pulls out of the US market, which is a giant fucking monkey wrench. Neteller has been the primary way to get money in & out of poker sites, it's an offshore bank/money router. As in the past, there will still be plenty of ways to get money on & off, but it's yet another step in making it harder for the fish to get in and it will scare more of them away,

I'm quiting Ice Wind Dale 2 about 80% of the way through. The story gives me absolutely zero motivation to see how it ends, and the game play is just too tedious to bother with any more. Once again I am convinced that game developers don't actually play the games they make (I know from experience this is true, or if they do play it it's just to test things, not to experience what it's like to be in the game). I think I spend 80% of my time in this game picking up loot, organizing inventory, configuring spells and casting buffs. Wee what fun.

Altus on flickr has some sweet HDR tweaked photos. Remember to use the "All Sizes" button, he actually has some very high res originals posted.

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