01-19-07 - 1

So I have this great old Calphalon Commercial anodized aluminum frying pan that Lorne gave me; I don't think you can even get them any more, Calphalon has turned into a garage brand lately with their nonstick and all that shit. I was a moron and wrecked it by running cold water on it right after getting it blazing hot, which caused it to warp. Apparently aluminum is really soft even when very thick and expands/contracts a lot with temperature change. I was going to give up on the pan but figured, WTF, let's try to blacksmith it. So, I heated it empty on the stove top to blazing hot, then turned it upside down on a big cutting board and pounded out the warp with a hammer. It worked perfectly! It responds nicely to pounding when hot, in fact you have to be careful to be gentle and just tap it down evenly. Granted, it's really hard to get it perfectly flat again, the bottom has little bumps now, and I've probably wrecked the anodized surface so I'm just cooking on aluminum, but hell it's still a nice aluminum pan.

Later on, I sewed the pockets of my jackets, all of which seem to have holes. I feel like a 19th century poor person, back when repairing was actually cheaper than replacing.

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