01-06-07 - 1

The more I think about it the more I'm disgusted by the exam I got from the orthopedist. He didn't manually examine the joint or palpate my muscles. He didn't ask about how the injury has progressed over time. He didn't do the simple seperation test, which is to have me hold a weight in that hand and watch for a protuberance at the top of the shoulder. I have a followup exam next week to examine my MRI, so we'll see what happens then. This is also part of why costs are so out of control in our health care, doctors just thoughtlessly order up expensive tests without doing the visual or manual tests that could give you answers. Obviously this is a problem of motivation, as I've mentioned before doctors have no interest in keeping costs down, in fact they usually get paid *more* when they do unnecessary expensive tests and treatments.

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