01-04-07 - 4

Well, I finally went to the doctor today, and so far it's just a waste of money. I went directly to an orthopedist, I got x-rays, they confirmed what I already knew - it's not a dislocation or a break. You can't see soft tissue damage in an x-ray so I'm getting an MRI soon. On the plus side, this confirms the high quality of my self doctoring.

My health insurance is super minimal. That was a calculated risk I took, I'm pretty sure it was the right decision, but like every thing in my life I think I've made the right evaluation of the odds and the EV and gotten extremely unlucky. You have to have health insurance in the US, because you get the negotiated lower prices, and of course most doctors won't even see you without insurance. On the other hand, insurance is inherently -EV (unless you know yourself to be at higher risk that the insurance company thinks you are). If you have enough savings to cover health problems, you shouldn't have insurance. Of course this isn't completely true because our health system is so fucked, the establishment subsidizes some services (such as child birth) and makes up for it by raping people like me with ridiculous overcharges.

BTW the most awesome solution for your normal health care needs is something like Quick Health . $39 fixed fee in & out quickly, no muss, no fuss. Even if you have good insurance this is probably as cheap and much faster. Obviously you can't go for major problems, but to get antibiotics or immunizations or whatever its' the way to go.

My girlfriend and grandma and such are glad that I finally went to the doctor, but really it's a cop out, it's a failure, I didn't have enough confidence in my self diagnosis to be comfortable with my long treatment, so I went crying to the authority figure so I can be told what to do and not have to decide for myself. Yay me.

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