12-22-06 - 3

We have set up Iraq to be a defacto Shi'ite country with strong ties to Iran. It's headed down that path and we don't have the will or the competence to stop it. As in all places, the "terrorists" are those who can't pretend to be part of the government. In Iraq, the Shi'ites are committing horrible acts of terror through execution and kidnapping squads which either dress up as police or are police; this government-sponsored terror is being more and more tolerated by the US because it provides "stability"; just in the days of Kissinger's realpolitik (and later when we supported Saddam), we will back the evil government if they can control the opposition and provide profit opportunities for America's businesses. On the other hand, the Sunnis are becoming disenfranchised and can see that as a minority they will be cast out of power, dislocated, and stripped of rights. Just like the Shi'ites they engage in reprisal killings and attacks against those who they see as threats, but since they don't have the cloak of government authority, they are the "terrorists".

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