12-22-06 - 2

The public transportation in SF is really good, it's super nice if you live in the city, you really don't need a car. Bart and Muni are great, but the buses sort of suck. There's no reason for them to suck and I propose two very easy fixes which would make them awesome. 1) Don't stop so often. Most of the bus lines through the city stop on every block. This makes the ride much slower and means they come to each stop much less often. This is not a small factor, it's like a 2X ride time factor, or maybe more. They could stop every 3 blocks. Presumably all this stopping is motivated by the disabled or elderly, but they had to walk to get to the stop anyway and a few blocks is not a significant increase. 2) Get rid of tickets/fares. A huge amount of the time is spent loading/unloading, and the majority of that is caused by tickets/fares. One problem is people have to get on the front instead of both doors because of fare checking. The other problem is just the clog at the entrance with people trying to run bills or show tickets. The amount of money taken in fares can't really be that significant. In my opinion the best solution would be to subsidise it completely from tax funds. This would be a big boon to the poor since the rich basically never ride the bus, which would be a massive aid to economic development. It lets people get to school or jobs more easily, and bus rides will not be abused since it's so unpleasant. Conservatives hate these grants for economic development, though they think massive tax cuts or business subsidies are justified to "stimulate the economy" (even though they don't).

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