12-22-06 - 1

Deborah Solomon is a fucking condescending ignorant bitch as usual. She contends that numerical ratings for books are foolish, that you need the personalization of criticism. This is an egotistical fallacy. One of the things which is proved by Netflix is that people are really not very unique at all. A simple global predictor like (0.6 * movie_average + 0.4 * customer_average) gets around 0.99 RMSE on the movie data. The standard personalized predictors in the literature (which find most similar other users and take their ratings) get around 0.98; the very best in the literature get around 0.95. The most sophisticated predictors get around 0.90 RMSE now. That's a microscopic improvement over the simple average-based predictor, which indicates that people are far more the same than they want to admit. The reason people do not believe this is that they like to pretend they are so unique, so interesting, that their taste is better than the average shmuck.

Meh, most of my logic is flawed here. I'm a condescending ignorant ass.

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