12-21-06 - 2

I hate Christmas shopping so much. First off I think of how it's all a manufactured shit-storm for retailers to make money; then when I go into a nice shop I feel so uncomfortable with the people that are hovering, can I help yous and such, sometimes I feel like I have to buy something if I give them a lot of trouble, then I think fuck them I'll show by not buying anything; then I get into this thing where I've passed up a few decent gifts, so then I can't settle for anything worse than what I passed up, I have keep looking for something better as it becomes more and more obvious that's not going to happen; then I start doubting if the person would even want this crap I'm buying, what a waste of money they probably won't like it they'll just get it and think how thoughtless I am and throw it in the back of their closet, or maybe they'll keep it but every time they wear it / use it they'll think "what a piece of crap" and think of me; most things that people would actually want they've either gotten for themselves or know how to get better anyway since they actually like them and like to shop for them and know the good stores; you can never buy anyone clothing because clothing is all about the fit and 99% of christmas gift clothing goes straight to the thrift store.

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