12-21-06 - 1

WTF, why do reporters and newspapers even bother asking this administration questions anymore? You know they're just going to completely ignore what you're getting at and spout one of their stock phrases. In my newspaper the entire content of all the administration statements would be "The White House released more PR babble today." and then we'd move on to information about reality.

I hear a lot of women say that they admire or respect Condy Rice for her acheivements and for the fact that she's a woman with a top role in the government. That sentiment disgusts me. I find her of the same cloth as Colin Powell, who is also despicable. Someone who is clearly intelligent and rational is even more accountable for their actions, and by making themselves totally subservient to a madman they have given up all their integrity to further their careers. They know that they're lying, they know they're trying to cover up gross misdeeds and incompetence, they know their actions are leading to the death of innocents; sometimes you can even see it on their faces in an interview where they take a tough question and they almost wince before they shake it off and spout the awkward lies again. Someone like Rumsfeld I almost can excuse because he's clearly just loony tunes or drunk on his own kool-aid.

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