12-09-06 - 1

I've been playing with Google Adwords to try to improve the results for my sister's Pilates Studio . Wow, Adwords is a real piece of garbage and it's the thing that makes Google worth $100 gajillion dollars or whatever? It's like totally impossible to work with and get good results. I want to do completely obvious things, like for example I'd like the site to be prominent if someone searches "Pilates" and they live in NY, or if someone searches for "Pilates NY" and they live anywhere, but if they search "Pilates" and live anywhere, then I don't want to pay a lot for an add there. I have zero ability to do that in Adwords, you can either completely location-lock your listing or not. There's no way to tweak your settings and test results, they sort of have a search test thing but it doesn't seem at all useful; I want to try tweaking my cost per click and such to see what kind of different placing it gets me and the response is not real time so you can't see how things change. The whole keyword system seems rather messed up too. You'd think Google has a smart search engine, your add should just be placed on searches where your site would have ranked anyway, just maybe not on the first page, eg. you should get synonyms and context and all that. Instead you have to manually enter keywords and you have to manually specify synonyms etc. Lastly it's charging her a lot of money that's not coming from search clicks; the other charges are from adds in the "content network" and other places, and I can't find out anything about where those ads actually are to tell if they're useful or not. All in all, I'm extremely un-impressed.

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