11-18-06 - 4

In the long view, one of the really disastrous and disturbing aspects of the Bush presidency has been the systematic destruction of the executive agencies of our government. Almost across the board, leaders were appointed based on political favors and idealogy, people who were incompetent or unqualified, people who didn't work with their department or their beaurocracy, people who caused severe damage to the agencies. The agency leaders are obvious - people like Rumsfeld who is obviously intellegent but harmfully ignored his own people and created nasty infighting over power, obviously at FEMA and Homeland Security, we talked a big game about making the US safe but appointed a bumbling figurehead, at PBS & the EPA Bush appointed people who were intentionally trying to hurt the implementation of the laws that govern those agencies, at the FDA the appointed board acted repeatedly on ideological or industry-favoring grounds against their scientific recommendations, in the few departments that had qualified leaders (State & CIA) they were cut out of the loop because they didn't fall into step.

The fact is, democrat or republican, the people who are elected are generally totally unqualified to run the government. They usually have little experience (especially in this age when any record is a bad record). Even with experience government is a huge complex problem and you need long-term specialists, the beaurocrats who run the agencies and really make government work. Those people have been devalued and cast aside, ignored, and have resigned in droves. This has already been detrimental to the functioning of government, but if it becomes a pattern it could be even worse.

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