11-18-06 - 1

I recommend the "Mission Park" Rhone at T.J.'s. Spicy and balanced, light finish, about $5.

Watched "Miller's Crossing" last night. Good but rather pointless. Has that Coen brother unrealistic staged feel; their dialogue is really awful in that everyone is a charicature and noone ever says things like that, but their dialogue is really awesome in that the lines are clever and perfect for their surreal noir world. Anyway, that's not my point. The Gabriel Byrne character made me think about the way smart bad ass guys always are in movies - they think of a plan and then go with it. What they don't do is think of several plans, think of the advantages and disadvantages of each, compare those to inaction, think of how it affects other people, etc. get some advice from others, then make a decision. They just come up with something make a decision and then figure out how to make it work. I know it's movies and it's ridiculous but I think it's a major problem in the way I run my life. The truth is you can make any decent plan work, so just pick one and do it.

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