11-16-06 - 2

Dan made Monkfish last night. It really is a lot like lobster. Monkfish is a cartilage fish and only the tail is edible, it looks like some weird evolutionary left-over. You have to be very careful to not overcook it. I recommend a simple preparation treating it a lot like a steak - sear it first, then remove from the pan and saute onions, mushrooms, and fennel in the pan, add a bit of wine and stock, reduce a bit, put the monkfish back and just simmer until done, which is *before* the flake point. It becomes rubbery and non-lobster-like if overcooked at all.

We also got some Muscat grapes at farmer's market. They're quite amazing, very sweet, they taste just like the wine! Everyone was going crazy over all the persimmons, but I just don't understant it, I find them quite awful. I had a persimmon tree all those years at Alrita and didn't even bother to eat them off the tree.

My arm is getting much better, but I seem to have caught another cold !?!? WTF. Dan seems to get them at work and bring them home :( So I'm in awful shape again. Sigh.

In other news, I got a wicked Trojan by clicking around porn sites. WTF. It makes me angry how unbelievably broken IE and Windows is. It shouldn't be so easy to run malicious apps. Anyway, System Restore seems to have gotten rid of it pretty easily. All of my many Anti-Virus apps didnt detect it. It was a DLL in windows\system that inserted itself in winlogon. If you edited the registry to take it out of winlogon it would put itself back in.

I put some money on some football games partly out of boredom. I couldn't resist betting the Colts at -1 even though that's the "public" (sucker) bet and all the sharps are on the Cowboys. I believe Romo is probably over-rated because we just haven't seen him tested yet and everyone thinks he's amazing, and Parcells has really made awful decisions of late. If the Cowboys just run the ball and keep it low scoring, they will win. If it's a shoot-out, the Colts win.

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