11-16-06 - 1

All this mobilizing, canvasing, marching, all this shit is the wrong way to advance a cause. It can create some short term response but doesn't create long term powerful change. All major political shifts happen in response to massive world events - economic depressions, military coups, wars, etc. - this has created the big socialist movements. What created the Republican shift of 1980-2000 ? Partly it goes back to LBJ and Vietnam, the cold war of course, the oil embargo, and some arrogance of the coastal liberals, the job loss and fall of the middle of the country. How then do you create real change? You create the events that cause people to really react. Just scandals and horrible dishonest crooked behavior don't do it any more. Of course people will just swing over to the other party. To get any improvement, something else is needed. They need to see that the system is totally corrupt and needs to be changed.

"Crooklyn" is a god awful movie. If you just keep playing clips of songs from the 70's will it make it fun to watch? Yeah, it sort of does, but the complete lack of non-superficial story and characters is too bad for all the cool style and "authenticity" (what?) to cover. Anyway, the first 2 custom made "Crooklyn" hip hop tracks are hot yo . Somebody find me the mp3's.

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