11-09-06 - 4

It's sort of odd that there's still no really good image compressors. I mean "good" like PAQ or RK are good on text/exe data - really fucking good. In comparison the image compressors are super primitive. I guess the big problem is that for an image format to be useful at all it has to be supported in IE, Photoshop, etc etc. and since Windoze is such a broken piece of garbage there's no modular data abstraction layer, every app implements its own set of codecs. In a proper OS apps would just open an image and a codec library would handle it.

For lossy coding, the literature is quite strong and J2K would be fine, but I guess it has patent problems cuz the design committee was full of cock-munchers where each company forced in bits that they had patented. For lossless image coding there really isn't even super strong literature. The "MRP" method seems okay, but it's incredibly obvious how to make a big gain in practice : use Volf switching or something like that to blend in a dictionary/text coder which will work well on binary/artificial images.

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