11-09-06 - 2

Half the reviewers on Yelp need to get punched in the face. In fact in general we'd be much better off if computers and phones and cars could taser the user. Look, if you're a vegetarian and you went to a place called "Joe's House of Meat and all we got is fucking Meat" it's your own damn fault, and don't fucking give them a low rating. Also if you went to a restaurant drunk and thought the greasy food hit the spot, you probably shouldn't write a review. Finally if you go to a tacqueria and order a Carne Asada taco and complain that all you got was some dry beef in a tortilla, that's what you fucking ordered you stupid gringo!! You have all had your internet priviledges suspended. You will now wander aimlessly without the web to guide you and accidentally wind up in a real dive bar, not an ironic one, and get your head bashed in by real blue collar guys who don't find mocking GWBush at all funny.

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