11-09-06 - 1

Part of the problem of course with pointless/counterproductive wars like Iraq is that it makes it impossible to exercise intervention when its necessary, as it might be in Iran, or NK. It is impossible, not just logistically, but politically, which will last 10-20 years. Not that I think intervention is a good idea, but having the option & credible threat is valuable. And intervention might have been necessary in a situation like Lebanon.

On a related note, I'm sickened by the stupid fucking American electorate. They vote D because the war is going badly. WTF you morans. If the war happened to go well and the economy happened to swing up they would've voted R. You go all in with 23o preflop and happen to win against AA, most americans look at that result and decide you made a good play and get to wager their money.

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