09-29-06 - 1

Went to the Bike Film Festival linky . It's pretty awesome; Lo Fi crappy video and audio, but I love the rocking bike films. I might go to another one tomorrow to see some of the other stuff. Bike = Love.

I almost got a ticket today cuz I forgot to move my car for the street sweeping. I saw the little meter maid guys swoop into the street ahead of the sweeper, dropping tickets like bombs. I was playing poker in my pajamas and had just open raised my AK (fuck! AK = monies!), I scrambled to find my keys, then almost ran out without my house key (bad news, doors auto-lock, locked out, no fun), ran out and got to my car just as he was putting a ticket on it. Fortunately the guy was cool and took it off for me. Fucking street parking is a nightmare.

Some new developments mean the online poker ban might pass after all. I guess I'd have to get a job of some kind pretty quick because my finances aren't so hot these days, I need a regular income.

Late news - yep, the online gambling ban passed. It's not actually law yet, but it got tacked on the port security bill which is going to be passed for sure. On the plus side, I didn't actually make my big stock bet against the bill by buying Neteller or something. I'm sure Neteller stock is in a nose-dive now.

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