09-26-06 - 1

Fuck everyone, you're all a bunch of douchebags. ps. Bill Clinton is such a fucking bad ass, if I was a White House intern I woulda sucked his cock.

In related news, for those who don't know, ESPN's coverage of WSOP is a ridiculous distortion of reality. It's just like Fox News or some other agenda-based "news", they're trying to tell some story and they pick and choose bits of the truth and create characters and tell the story they want. Just for example - early on they showed Negreanu playing well. In reality he was playing a wild loose game, his chip stack was going way up and way down all the time; ESPN mainly only showed the hands he won which makes him look great, but he donked it up horribly in tons of pots. The other huge distortions are Jamie Gold related. Jamie was being a major ass and bluffing a LOT at the table and they mainly don't show it; he also didn't give any money to charity.

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