09-24-06 - 3

Amazing breaking news in David Brooks column from last weeks NYT : human behavior is largely genetic, governed by our evolutionarily adapted behavior patterns and the chemical balance of hormones. Basic urges and behavior tendencies are largely animalistic, and differ between men & women, & races. Holy crap! In related breaking news : most humans are fucking morons who think the most obvious and intuitive things are worth writing books and columns about.

ps. I've noticed a trend recently which I find quite sickening. There are more and more books being written which are basically one-sentence concepts padded out to full book length. Nobody actually reads these books, the whole point is so that the author can go on talk shows or write newspaper articles and be known as the "author of such and such". Somebody might write a book called "How College Killed The Family" about how education reduces marriage rates; one paragraph of information padded with life stories and such garbage, then they do the talk show circuit where they just say their one sentence over and over, and are basically used as a springboard for the host to show their own feelings on the subject. I should write some of these books and just fill them with blank pages, that way I can be an "expert" and spout my nonsense.

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