09-15-06 - 3

King's Canyon was nice, I went up Paradise Valley which is just gorgeous. The car-camping down in the canyon is not that great, but on the plus side it was like totally empty so that minimizes disturbances and such. (on a related note : people should not be allowed to show up after dark, they should just fucking close the gate at 8 PM and if you left too late, too bad for you; the headlights and noise of people showing up and talking and setting up their tent for an hour because it's fucking dark). The backpacking there seems amazing, I'd love to do Rae Lakes some day (click each day for great photos). I made it to Upper Paradise and back in a day, which was tough. I went swimming, but the water is freezing cold, which is unfortunate, if not for that the lakes above would be very apealing. I didn't get over to Alta Peak because the drive from King's to Sequoia is actually really long, like an hour, which was too much trouble.

AutoStitch seems to do a better job than the crappy ass ACDSee stitcher that came with my camera. It's got a real good stitcher algorithm core, but the GUI is rotten since it's a free research project. It would be usable except that you have to re set the options every time you use it (make sure you set Scale to 100% and change the JPEG quality to 95 or 99 or something).

Also - DO NOT UPGRADE TO THE NEW QUICKTIME !! QuickTime 7.whatever has disabled all sorts of features and made them only available in the Pro version. Those fucking cocks, they're just going to make QT even more hated than it already is, kill it like GIF. You can no longer view QT movies in full screen. I only care because I have some QT "VR" 360 degree panoramas and I can't see them fullscreen any more which ruins the effect.

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