09-15-06 - 2

So Apple's going to have this wireless TV thing. I wonder how they're doing it? We had this discussion at Oddworld a long time ago, because I have the dream that all electronics should be wireless, and we concluded the two big problems were 1) power and 2) video. They claim they can do DVD quality video, so let's say 720x480 at 30 fps. The bandwidth needed is 720x480x3x30 = 31 Megabytes/second. That's massive bandwidth for wireless and I can only assume they're not actually doing that. Perhaps they're sending it compressed and decoding in the receiver. If you compress around 30:1 it's conceivable. High computer monitor bandwidth is of course even worse. Say I want my 1920x1200 at 80 fps and of course I won't tolerate compression artifacts at all, I need 1900x1200x3x80 = about 250 Megabytes/second.

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