09-06-06 - 1

Okay, so I hate making comparisons to Nazis/Hitler as much as the next guy, but I think it's quite illustrative at the moment. Germany in the 30's was in a severe depression, even worse than the one in the US, and the populace was angry. Nobody wants to accept that these things are because of economic cycles, or their own foolish investing, and certainly the robber barron capitalists don't want any of the blame pointed at them. So, you create scapegoats. It makes you feel better to blame someone else, and gives you something to "accomplish" to "fix" the problem when the true fixes are unsavory. The Nazis/Hitler pointed the blame basically at everyone non-aryan, Jews, Russians, the French, etc. This was very popular with people who could pretend that if that problem was solved their country would be good and strong again.

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