09-05-06 - 1

So I'm back to thinking - should I try to sell my poker app? I could probably sell for around $40 to around 1000 people for $40k , mostly profit. But, I imagine all the little things & support would take a lot of time. In that amount of time I could probably make about the same playing poker.

Pros to working on the app : better for the resume, possible upside if it somehow goes bigger into the more mainstream poker market (not just hardcore).

Pros to just playing poker : if I can actually get better and move up my win rate could shoot way up.

There's a new app out called "Sixth Sense" which basically does some of the things I've been doing all along. Those bastards charge $30/month (!!). The release of this disturbs me on various levels. 1) They're making $$ that I'm not. 2) They may get the market share and hold it. 3) If it becomes big, Party will change it software to make this stuff impossible.

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