08-28-06 - 1

Well, I started to try to convert this Rants page to wordpress. I got an install working here and am testing it. I guess I'll do some posts in it, since there are some advantages (RSS, user replies, blah blah meow chow), but so far it sucks just like I knew it would. Editting in a browser is still just balls compared to my nice little text editor. It's really slow to navigate around the wordpress pages. Doing something like splicing two posts or grabbing a chunk of text from one post and moving it to another goes from a two second operation to a two minute operation.

If I had some perl/php skills, I'd love to just have a script that could grab a free-text rants/blog like this and take the new posts and drop them into a wordpress blog. Adding new posts actually wouldn't be that hard, but applying changes to older posts seems like a PITA.

Hmm.. I found WordPress's ability to import from RSS which I thought might do the trick, but it seems to not import changes. That is if I go back and change something in the RSS version of the blog it doesn't apply the changes to old posts, it only adds new ones.

Stupid WordPress also doesn't handle a regular CRLF like HTML does, it treats it as a "BR" forced break, which screws up all my text formatting.

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