08-19-06 [poker] - 2

I bring you more gossip from the high stakes poker world :

Gus Hansen recently joined team Full Tilt and has been playing online a lot recently. Apparently he's really bad and has lost about $1M in the past two weeks. Some claim it's slightly less but everyone agrees he's lost a ton. The same is true of Mike Matusow who's dumped at least $200k online recently by playing drunk and/or tilting wildly, and apparently Prahlad Friedman has dropped a few $100k recently as well to massive tilt.

The latest high stakes sensation is "aba" aka "sbrugby", a UCSB grad student who's made about $1M online this year. Aba is a 2+2'er like myself, and he's got me inspired again to make the run up the limits and try to take my game to the higher levels. I'm about to move up to NL400 once I can get some quality time to focus on the game. I'm almost done with moving junk so it should be soon.

I've been doing really well at NL200 recently despite losing a bunch of stacks to bad luck and bad play. The more I play the more I just get very simple and straightforward. That doesn't mean readable or weak - it just means not overthinking. I still float & bluff, but the key is to do those things rarely, and to do them in spots when your opponent is obviously weak. I used to think if you bluff when your opponent is showing weakness, they'll know it's a bluff and call. Conversely, if you bluff when they're obviously strong, they'll put you on a monster and fold. No no, they're awful, just play simple.

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