08-15-06 - 4

Charles Bloom is the new proprieter of ScamCo. "ScamCo is dedicated to improving the customer service experience of our customers. We're adding thousands of subscribers each week." Here's what we do at ScamCo : we send out mass mail which automatically enrolls you as a ScamCo customer (if you don't want to be enrolled, simply fill out the decline forms, call our long distance number to get them, mail them in to three addresses). Once you're automatically signed up, you will receive a simple bill each month; for your convenience you can choose automatic credit card billing. You can quit at any time. Simply pay a $100 processing fee for your disconnection; stopping service may take 6-18 weeks and we'll continue billing during that time for your convenience. Any questions or concerns about your ScamCo service, simply call our long distance customer service number; we're proud to announce wait times are now down under 5 hours!

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