08-15-06 - 2

Bah; why are printers and print spoolers such pieces of garbage? Why can't I get error info; why do things just mysteriously not print, or print out all weird, or print out the code stream un-decoded so you get #@$@#*)@#$ characters all over!? Why can't I just freaking cancel a document that's failed to print? ARG.

Furthermore - if you print something when your printer is offline, then power everything off and power it back up (bring the printer online), Windows will just start printing while you're still at the log on screen. That's brutally awful and ridiculously stupid on so many levels I can't even begin to debate the reasonableness of this approach. It seems like the whole print/spool system is some left over garbage legacy system from 1980 which has had layers of cruft piled on for years to add features without actually fixing the way the basic system works for a modern USB/multi-user/plug-n-play/networked environment. Oh wait, that's the entire MicroSoft codebase... (ok, I got distracted, this isn't really an MS thing, so far as I know printers on all other platforms are whack also).

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