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Found this funny quote, Re: my ticket :

Dr. MacIntyre commented that because driveway complaints must be registered with DPT before citations are issued and citations are annotated with the phrase "by complaint" with the complainants� residential addresses, recipients of driveway parking citations are made aware of the identity of the complainant. Often violators receiving citations retaliate against the residents, i.e., bricks thrown through the window of the complaints� residence, homes egged, and even some residents having been physically attacked by the violators who are often university students.

Found some interesting things about parking laws in SF :

1. SF requires you to have a front license plate. This is not a state law and I know of no other city that requires it; my car currently has no front plate because I think they're very ugly. SF charges a $100 ticket for no front plate and apparently they DO issue that ticket.

2. In limitted-time parking areas, like "1 Hour parking", you must move your car at least one block away to avoid a ticket! If you park 50 minutes in one spot then move to another spot and stay another 50 minutes, you might get a ticket if it's less than one block away. That's pretty evil.

3. They give tickets for not curbing your wheels. I guess that's sort of reasoanble, but again it's something that you really have no way of knowing you're going to get fined for.

4. Apparently the wicked ticket which they regularly give is stopping at a bus stop. If you stop your car even briefly at a bus stop to pick up or drop someone off, you can get a $250 ticket. Also, apparently this ticket can be given by witnessing your car on a red light camera recording, so you may think you're in the clear and then find a ticket in the mail weeks later.

One thing I can't figure out are the "Bus Only" lanes. These are all over the city, and people seem to drive in them all the time. Often they're the right lane and you have to go in them to make a right turn. I can't find the law on it, but it seems like you really are forbidden to drive in them; dunno what the enforcement is like on that.

Also double parking is this weird gray area. I guess technically double parking even for a minute is illegal, but people do it all the time. Given the draconian enforcement of other laws, it's strange this is not vigorously pursued. Another weird thing is the parking in the middle of the street on Dolores, Guerrero and Valencia, particularly on Sunday. I'm not sure what the conditions are that make this legal.

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