08-13-06 - 7

I really really fucking hate going out to breakfast with people. For one thing the food usually sucks and way is overpriced; breakfast is super easy and fun to make at home, I can make hella good french toast, pancakes, I buy Niman Ranch ham steaks, bacon, etc. for cheap at TJ's. The main problem, though, is that it takes so long to get everyone together and then wait at the always-slammed breakfast restaurant, that by the time we're there I'm starving and in a horrible mood because I haven't eaten yet and my blood sugar is crashing.

BAH! Fucking whore, my neighbor just complained and got me a ticket for blocking her driveway. I was like barely sticking out into and she had plenty of space to get in/out. Apparently she has a history of frivolous complaints, she's known in the neighborhood. I've now been here 5 days and have 2 tickets for $100. Pretty fucking sweet. Now I plan my revenge.

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