08-13-06 - 4

The Frontline episode "The Dark Side" is good. Nothing new at all in it, but a well gathered look at what happened; IMHO Frontline is the very best news show on television, and it's not even close.

I'm reminded of another human-weakness thing (see earlier post). It's that good people flee unpleasant situations, and the awful bosses sort of win by attracting people like them. Say you have a good business full of smart reasonable employees. Suddenly a really awful manager is hired. He imposes all sorts of ridiculous rules (you must arrive exactly at 9 AM each morning, you must wear Hawaiian shirts on Friday, there will be a meeting each morning where everyone must announce how much they love the company, etc.). The good employees will quit one by one, the awful manager will hire on replacements similar to himself, and thus he wins at transforming the company in his image.

This has happened in our government since 2001 at an unprecedented rate. Career beaurocrats, military members, intelligence analysts, etc. are resigning left and right because they cannot stand to work in this administration. They are, of course, being replaced by people favored by Bush's appointees. This turnover of all the levels of government staff will have a profound effect which will last 20-30 years.

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