08-12-06 - 1

Ferry Building farmer's market Saturday is pretty good, excellent stuff and not crazy pricey. The shops inside are meh and overpriced. I dunno, I don't like the vibe at any of these upscale food shops, the staff is always in a big rush, if I'm going to spend $30/lb on cheese I want to have a good experience and talk to the staff and get educated and have some taste samples. The J line is very convenient for us and a pleasant ride. Acme bread is good but not like spectacular for the markup. "Ferry Plaza Seafood" is meh, cold bread is disgusting, it needs to be toasted, but the crab was top notch. Frog Hollow Farm oddly has very excellent espresso, and not so oddly very good turnovers.

Lucca is the bomb. It's an Italian deli/market with great meats, cheeses and prepared items like house made sausage and raviolis. Quality is superb and it's very cheap. WTG Lucca.

Oh, and WTF is up with Tartine not opening until 8 ? It's a freaking cafe/bakery, they're supposed to open at 5 AM or something sick early. The other good cafe on Gurrero (Que Tal) doesn't open until 8 either. You freaking lazy hippies, get up and make my pastries!

There's a lot of really good furniture shops in the Mission, with modern stuff from the 50's-60's, stuff like the old Danish style, Eames-alikes, I love that stuff.

On a related note, I had sold my Concept 2 Rower (awesome rowing machine, but too big for this apartment) for like $600 cash, so I was loaded with cash, and now it's all gone. The plethora of restaurants and tasty shopping options here is a very dangerous cash suction, I'll have to watch myself. I've never been a big shopper, I don't crave toys, I have no I-Pod, my cell phone is like 4 years old (that I got for free used from a friend), same with my TV, etc. but if I walk past tree-ripened nectarines or a flaky croissant, I can't resist them.

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