08-03-06 - 3

So, I put Dan's car up on various sites, and I put my cats up on PetFinder. So far the only two contacts have been very interesting.

I got a contact about the car that was very suspicious; it was someone out of state and they had some funny arrangements. I sent back an email and it became immediately clear it was the fake check scam that's very common. What they do is send you a fake cashier's check and say someone will pick it up. They add the tow truck fee to the cashier's check and ask you to pay the pickup people via Western Union. Of course, Western Union takes real money from you and then you find out the check is fake and say "D'oh".

The contact about the cats was also immediately suspicious. It was obviously a form letter and the guy said he would arrange pickup. I asked a few questions and got this reply :

"the cats are for my family pet, I have a shipping company that will handle the pick up".

Which I presume means they're going to be shipped in a box to be fed to a crocodile or a tiger or something like that !?

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