07-31-06 - 1

It was another one of those good days that make me remember why I like being a poker pro. I played for about two hours in the morning and made $1000. Quitting time! So, I went for a long bike ride. It was nice and sunny out, but not too hot, so I felt strong and fast. It's just about the ugliest time of year here now, the summer wildflowers are dying off, all that's left are fields of giant yarrow plants. The vineyards are now covered with ripe fruits and the teams of Mexican workers have appeared in the vineyards like a seasonal migrating bird.

On the way home I was tired and completely zoning out, where your brain moves from topic to topic in a hazy stream of consciousness without really thinking about anything. Suddenly I realized that I was going like 2 miles an hour. While I was zoned out my body had just quit working hard without me even realizing it. It's funny how that happens, we have a powerful built in laziness reflex, designed by Evolution to save energy in case we need it to flee from a Saber Tooth Tiger, or to jump on tasty prey. Just like the way the Cheetah will give up chase even though it could catch its prey because it never wants to exhaust itself, so the recreational cyclist will find himself puttering along without constant vigiliance to force himself to work.

I only have a few days left in San Luis and I'm trying to think of the things I'll miss here that I really want to do before I leave. All I can think of are outdoor things - cycling, going to the beach, hiking. So, I'm trying to do those.

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