07-30-06 [poker] - 1

I just realized one of the things about poker that makes it so hard is that everyone around you is saying ridiculously wrong things all the time. All the TV shows are just full of horrible horrible advice, even the online boards & many of the books are just full of horrible advice. Things like "don't go broke in a limped pot" or "don't get all in preflop with AK", or people saying "how did you go broke with such a weak hand?" when you make a bluff with 83o or something. It's really hard to keep all that junk out of your head, because the problem is it's *close* to being right, which makes it dangerous. It gets in your head and starts corrupting your thinking. It's sort of like if you had to go to a biology class taught by Darwin and right after went to a biology class taught by Lamarck.

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