07-27-06 - 2

I'm trying to throw out lots of my old school papers. I'm definitely getting rid of all my college papers; it's funny looking back at them, I was so full of myself, I thought I had all these brilliant original ideas, I was figuring out new ways to derive the relativistic quantum field theory, proofs that spin had to be quantized, etc. looking back now I realize half of them are just wrong and the other half are standard/known. I was constantly inventing new notations and formalisms, basically because I couldn't really understand or wasn't comfortable with the standard ones.

I'm having trouble throwing out my notebooks from grad school though. I'm not yet far enough removed to be able to laugh at them, and they make me feel very wistful and sad to look back through them. Maybe someday I'll still go back and there will be some brilliant threads of ideas in these notebooks that I'll work off of? No, of course not, I'm never going to do anything useful with them, in fact after I move they'll just go back to sitting in a box. So why can't I just get rid of them?

I also have way too many books, but I can't bring myself to get rid of them either. Fiction books I actually mostly have no problem dumping except for a small handful that were special to me (mainly Kafka, Nabokov, Anna Karenina for auxilliary reasons). It's the nonfiction books I can't get rid of. I have a ton of science books, data compression books, and tons of computer graphics books. Maybe I'll need to look something up in them!! In reality I would just get rid of them except that you actually do still need them, which is F'ed up in this day in age. It's gay that you can't get book contents online, and it's gay that libraries in America just really suck.

Maybe I'll start a "ShareSpace" in San Francisco.

ShareSpace is a storage site for communally owned useful items.

ShareSpace is not for storing your personal junk that noone else wants to use.

ShareSpace is free.

ShareSpace items are not for you to take and keep. ShareSpace is for sharing.

ShareSpace is for people in a network of trust, either trusted by you or trusted by someone you trust.

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