07-18-06 - 1


We just got back to San Luis Obispo late last night. It was a long drive down from SF, and rolling into San Luis, the town felt strange and foreign, like returning to the town where you want to high school, many years later. It was about 11 PM when we got here and the town was dead silent, the streets were deserted, and it felt almost eerie. The streets also just felt so wide and empty, like I could drive half asleep, not watching for pedestrians jumping off the curb, taxis swerving into my lane, or pot holes popping up in the road. But, the most striking thing was the smell. We rolled down the windows as far as they could go and just breathed in - the air was slightly damp, but clean and sweet, heavy with the perfume of thousands of flowers, the scent of the orange blossoms, the hibiscus, the jacarandas, in all the well-loved yards in this gardener's paradise.

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