07-10-06 - 3


How depressing. If I move to SF I'll be paying more than I am now ($1300) for some shitty little studio apartment. Then I have my cats to worry about, they're outside cats will go absolutely ape shit if I have them locked in an apartment all the time. Sigh. To cap it all off, I'm reminded what a moron I've been for not buying a house which just makes me sick, and stocks are not doing well so my nest egg is dwindling and I'm going to have to tap it to pay for moving expenses, etc. Shit.

Looks like stuff in my price range is around 500 square feet. My computer desk is almost 500 square feet!

I've gotta get rid of a bunch of stuff that won't fit in a tiny apartment. If anybody wants a surf board, a rowing machine, a punching bag, or two cats, let me know.

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