03-29-06 [poker] - 1

03-29-06 [poker]

In Limit poker, how should your bluffing relate to pot size? On the one hand, when the pot is big, you get a much bigger bonus when you do win the pot. On the other hand, it's far less likely your opponent will fold. One thing's for sure - when calling, you must call much more when the pot is big, even if it seems obvious your opponent must have your beat and you only have something like ace high, when the pot is like 40 bets it's not the time to save your 1 bet, you must call, and lose 90% of the time. It seems to me that perhaps bluffing frequency shouldn't change much with pot size. If you bluff 25% of the time on the river, that should be roughly unrelated to pot size. Of course you should change that if your opponent plays badly. For example, if your opponent just calls based on hand value and not pot size (eg. they just look at their cards and don't account for pot odds), then you should bluff much more in big pots, perhaps 100% of the time, since they will fold too often.

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