03-25-06 [poker] - 1

03-25-06 [poker]

I think I'm going to become a Party Poker affiliate. There don't seem to be any disadvantages to doing so, and I can provide you all with nice bonuses if you sign up through me. I'll put adds for Party on my web site and be able to sign up people through my links. If you're thinking of getting a Party Account - wait and sign up through me !! It will be much better for you...

It seems like the only requirement to be an affiliate is that you have to sign someone new up once every 90 days. So, that's 4 people a year if you space them out. I think I can probably handle that, and the benefits are grande.

Well, that took about two seconds, so here's your link :

Use sign up bonus code "CBPARTY" to make sure you're tracked and get your 20% to $100 bonus.

If you're a serious poker playing friend of mine, email me for details.

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