03-24-06 - 2


Wow, this is hillarious. There's a group here in San Luis which is protesting the new Urban Outfitters store that just opened here. (and they have a web site which is pretty swank). Urban Outfitters they're protesting, because of the novelty books and toys they carry. These are probably the same mothers who get their teenage daughters boob jobs, buy them thongs and short-shorts with paws on the butt, etc. We have an Abercrombie in town, which they didn't seem to mind, because that's good old fashioned American values - they support traditions like the whole football team gang-raping cheerleaders. Okay, I'm going a little off track here. Anyhoo, it's ridiculous. There's nothing that hinders juvenile indiscretions like a "Mustache Rides, 25 cents" T-shirt.

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