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Poker AI is a really fun problem. The thing I really hate about it is the community of poker AI developers. There's zero sharing of ideas and work. Everyone thinks their stupid little AI is the holy grail, or is worth money, and they don't want to share anything about it. Even the academic guys don't give out details (the Poki group doesn't actually describe a functioning AI in their papers), perhaps because they don't want people implementing clones which could be used illegally or sold. I miss being able to talk over problems with other smart people, it's just massively helpful.

When you know what you need to do, two full workers are perhaps only 150% as efficient as one. On the other hand, there's this magic network thing that happens. If you have 10 people each working on their own thing, they're 100% efficient each on their own. Now, if you just let them talk to each other a few minutes each day, their productivity goes up massively! A few words from someone else can help you avoid going down long dead ends or send you on paths you never thought of

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