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I bet you could make a variant of Hold'em that made people have hands a lot more often. Call it "Action Hold'em" or something. The fishies would love it of course because they're action fiends, and the pros should like it too because it means you get to play a lot more big pots with the fishies, you get a lot more real hands per hour so your profit per hour is way higher. Obviously there are already games like Omaha that have a lot of big hands, but they're too complicated or technical. We want the simplicity of Hold'em preserved. There are a few easy ways to do it -

1. Add a joker. I don't really like this option because it adds a big technical aspect involving theory of the joker, and it makes the game feel cheap, like some wacky home game. Also, I'm not sure this stimulates action, since you have to sit around and wait to get a joker in the hole a lot.

2. Get rid of low cards. If you reduce the deck to only cards >= 7 or so, it makes it far more likely for people to connect with the board, etc.

3. Various dealing manipulation algorithms. This is very easy and effective online, but can't be done with real cards. That's a negative. Also, it would make all the moron fishies think the game was fixed in some way. There are lots of possibilities here, like only dealing flops that hit people holes, or probably the best is simply never dealing anyone junk in the hole. Simply do a random deal, and if someone gets pure junk in the hole, throw it out and try again, repeat until everyone has something.

4. Add another street, the "Ocean", after the river, so there are 8 cards to make your hand from instead of 7. This greatly increases the chance of straights, flushes, and other big hands.

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