03-12-06 - 2


So, I installed "Windows Defender" hoping it would do something about Party Poker's snooping, but it doesn't seem to address that domain at all. On the plus side, it is pretty F'ing cool. It provides a service that should've been in Windows all along - whenever some app tries to change your system settings, Defender blocks it and puts it in a list for you to approve. Then you can either apply the changes or refuse them. It prevents apps from changing your file extension associations, your startup apps, etc. It's reasonably unobtrusive too, at the moment I recommend it.

In the mean time, I'm still searching for a decent anti-snoop (anti-hook) app that doesn't gobble CPU or cost $50. I might have to just figure out how to write my own. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a Hook for the settings hooks ;(

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