03-05-06 [poker] - 2

03-05-06 [poker]

When you're drawing, you really want to be up against good hands. If your opponent has a good hand and you miss your draw, okay, that's just chance. If your opponent has rags and either bets you off or is able to check it down and win, that's horrible for you, because it means that you weren't really drawing at any profit in the first place!

Say you have A2s in the SB. CO limps, you complete the small blind, button checks. Pot is now 3 BB. You flop a flush draw. Now, you can either lead out for $2 , or you can check and you're sure someone will bet. So either way you are paying $2 to improve and see the turn.

The great thing about leading out here is that it reduces your opponent's hand range to hands that will pay you off more if you hit. If you check/call he might have complete rags, which don't pay you off if you hit. Any time you're on a draw, you really want to be up against good hands, because they give you implied odds. If you might be up against rags, it makes your draw much worse!!

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