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The whole RIM/NTP thing seems like a ridiculous travesty. NTP is a patent holding company, something which is unfortunately pretty common these days. They bought up some ridiculously general patents to an idea that was completely trivial and obvious, and their sole business is charging people who infringed on them. Ironically, RIM successfully got all of the patents invalidated as bogus, but that didn't prevent the courts from imposing an injunction to shut down the Blackberry service, so RIM settled and NTP made a $600 million dollar payday for being crooked bastards. This is sort of like the old Stac case, except that RIM's lawyers are apparently not as good as Microsoft's.

The most absurd thing about it all is that many business analysts have said that this is a "great day for capitalism" because an inventor's intellectual property rights were preserved, and that if anything this shows that our patent laws need to be strengthened to defend innovators and research. Holy shit, you guys have no clue and are so bad for the universe.

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